Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vaughn Weekend

I’m at the beach and as all visits to the beach seem to be this one is passing far too rapidly. The odd part about the passage of time is that it is marked by very slow events that seem so eternal. I can’t wrap my brain around the constant motion of the sun across the sky, the shadows across the lawn, the tides flowing in and out of the bay. Being here everything moves slowly. But then you are gone and back to the world of fast-paced this and that.

My dad asked me once, “what if you were an Indian living here? It would have been a casual life. Go fishing when you want to eat, gather berries when you want to berries. When you are cold, go to the sweat lodge.” He was kind of right. Although blackberries were introduced by Europeans (at least I think that’s right) I can’t really imagine a more casual way of living. We build societies and have a hustle and bustle lifestyle that sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Y’know, in the big great scheme of things.

Amberlee and Ciera and I escaped from the city in a flurry of energy. The ferry, the road here, the groceries. Everything. And suddenly we were here. And all of the energy dissipated. The anxious restlessness that overcomes the body in our crazy world has no place looking out on the water watching the tide ebb and flow.

Everything is lazy. And always in a good way.

The spring here is a little different than the summer. The grass is a verdant green, the blackberries are dead and sagging. They seem so unassuming compared to their spindly and aggressive summer demeanor. Right now they look almost sad.

There are tons of ducks here. I assume they are in the midst of migration. They will be gone by summer.

The water is clearer now than I have ever seen it. The water has taken on a pristine blue and I can see more of it’s texture than normal. There doesn’t appear to be a layer of green really. I went fishing and didn’t pull up even the regular amount of detritus. There were no bullheads chasing my lure. It was like dragging my lure through a tub.

And there is tons of downed material from the storms that hit this year. All of that will need to be cleared.

But that’s just the price of admission when staying at such a wonderful place.