Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slow Circles

I really need a new laptop. I can barely type anymore on this thing. I want to settle myinsurance claim and pay my bills. I want to stop worrying about money.

And I want to be able to post pictures to my blog. My computer is so slow that posting pictures is more tedious than writing an extra 365 words. It’s like the worst yo’ momma joke ever.

My computer so slow it tries to calculate pi in terms of serving size.

My computer so slow it thinks Al Gore invented the internet.

My computer so slow I have to send attachments by carrier pigeon. Seriously though. My computer is freakin’ slow.

It was pi(e) day today. That was a lot of fun. If you ever want to calculate the circumference of a circle the size of the known universe you only need 39 digits. And that’s accurate to within a micron--less. Impressive huh?

Anyways, at work we served pie and ate to our hearts’ content. It was a jovial event that reminds me why I love working at Triangle. Conversely there is a lot of work coming in so I have been stressed.

Stress is good I think. But I’m no good at handling it yet. I come home and look in the mirror and see dark circles under my eyes. I just don’t have it down quite yet.

And on the weekends I can’t sleep in. I feel all over the board and a little uncomfortable. I suppose that is part of the transition. I am now an adult--sort of. People still call me young and naive. That’s ok. But all the people I know who are younger than me are way more naive.

I suppose it’s sort of like the transition from high school to college. Nothing really changed except everyone’s attitudes. When I was a senior in high school all of my older friends disappeared until I graduated.

After my first year of college I did the same thing to my juniors. And I thought I understood it then. But that was probably just my ego talking. I’m not sure that anything we do is too different as we get older. Sometimes I walk down the street and see people for what they are kids in adult bodies.

It troubles me sometimes. And other times it makes me happy. But I suppose all of it is a bit childish.