Saturday, March 10, 2012

Recapped: Rain and Roger

I’d like to compile everything from a period in my life and put it all together into an art project. An autobiography based on my digital footprint. Every blog post, every text message, phone logs, photos, videos, internet history, purchases, bank accounts, and on and on until a portrait starts to emerge. It would be the ultimate form of voyeurism; a complete encyclopedia of myself in a moment of time.

I walked home in the rain with only a light sweater on. I had no idea that it would rain that hard and completely miscalculated the weather. I didn’t even have a hat.

As I walked in the ‘not quite rain but definitely enough to get you wet if you stayed out long enough’ I lightened my step. I don’t know why but I felt better about being in the cold. I felt better about not being in traffic honking at other cars and lamenting the crappiness of life in general. I felt good.

And I kept smiling. People were entertaining. Just people being people. People are entertaining creatures. People act like the rain will hurt them but love showers. People rush to places they don’t necessarily want to be.

I guess that when I offered to take a picture of the happy couple under the space needle that was the best moment. They were in the rain, but happy to be where they were. They didn’t worry about rush hour or any of the crap that was going on. They just wanted their picture. It felt good to do something for them; give them a memento.

Roger came in last night from Moscow Idaho. Ciera’s little brother is doing scuba training in Edmonds and is spending some time with us. He’s a fun guy; really intelligent.

The Town Theatre’s show Brilliant Traces started last night as well. I was working programs and trying to coordinate Roger’s arrival at the same time. So it was a major relief to me when Ciera got off work early and was able to help me out with everything.

I can’t wait to see the show.

Once Roger arrived we went down to the bars to hang out with Amberlee. When the show was finished we moved to another bar and saw Amber and Eleanor. It was nice to hang out with people our age. Then we stumbled up the hill and went to bed.