Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love is the Shiz

This is a little old, I never posted it, but it applies.

It was nice seeing people on Valentine’s day. I’ve written many times about the downside of Valentine’s and I have little reason to really go over it again.

A man with a stocky build and gentle posture stood across from me holding a single rose. He was unaware of anyone else in the city. His large hands held it up to his nose and he smelled it as cars honked. That was nice.

All dog owners have a look and stance that they take when their dog starts to defecate. An upright posture and intent stare at the dog’s anus. If the dog chooses to face the owner, the owner leans to the left or right to get a better view of the dog’s excrement. I often try to hide fits of giggles at such an odd sight.

We are still animals I guess. And very curious about poop.

The dogs always seem to look back at the owner, “why are you watching me poop? I don’t watch you poop.” It seems a little rude and a bit unfair to me that the owner looks annoyed at all about the entire prospect. You bought a dog, you pick up its poop. Plain and simple. It’s just what you do. No judgment but owners of pets really need to remember those simple facts.

Anyways, animals know how to do their business and don’t need to be watched. It’s a little bit like the lack of reasoning behind abstinence only education in schools. Humans don’t need to be told how to do anything as basic as that.

It’s absurd to think that not teaching about it will somehow prevent it. Humans know how to have sex, and not teaching them proper safety is like giving teenagers loaded guns and telling them not to ever shoot it, and that constitutes gun safety.

That was a bit tangential. But this is a bit of a non-sequitur piece. I’m just trying to make it to 365 words right now. And sometimes that’s how it’s going to be.