Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Airsoft Rooftop 2/3

Short story:

Alex: Shhh! (air soft pellets hit the bit of roof in front of the two; they both duck under) shit Tommy! Did you see where they were?

Tommy: no. I think they were on your side. (another pellet hits the roof).

Alex: Where are John and Kirk?

Tommy: at the playground!

Alex: let’s go. Now.

(The two start running along the edge of the roof. They hear footsteps coming up to them, and over the far edge of the roof. Danny appears with his airsoft gun. Tommy and Alex try to aim but are too slow)

Alex: Ow! Shit!

Tommy: Ow! Danny stop! You hit my hand!

(Alex and Danny start laughing)

Alex: let me see? That’s it? don’t be a puss.

Tommy: shut up. You cried when you got hit in the hand two weeks ago.

Alex: yeah, but my fingernail fell off. See?

Danny: gross!

Tommy: where’s Robbie?

Danny: huh? You mean (sarcastically) Rob? He went with Steve and TJ.

Tommy: where are they?

Danny: headed to the playground.

Tommy: Oh. John and Kirk are there.

Danny: thanks. (he runs toward the playground)

Tommy: Shit. Forgot you’re still playing

Alex: (goes to punch him in the arm; Tommy flinches) Ha. You flinched. Two.

Tommy: (groans and takes two punches in the arm. They start walking toward the playground in silence). You remember watching the Horrorium..the horrororrorium...hor...horror-ium...

Alex: shut up. Yeah, what about it?

Tommy: You were getting pretty close to Kelly...

Alex: So?

Tommy: alright. I guess it’s not important.

Alex: No. It’s not.

Tommy: so are you gonna keep hanging out with us?

Alex: Yeah, of course. Why?

Tommy: well now that you’re attached at the hip to Kelly--

Alex: shut up.