Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Airsoft Rooftop 3/3

short story:

Tommy: don’t be a nutsack. You remember when Kirk dated Danielle?

Alex: yeah.

Tommy: we didn’t see him for those three weeks.

Alex: what do you mean?

Tommy: I mean, where was he for lunch? Where was he for three weeks of this (he points to his gun)? He didn’t even walk home with us. He was gone.

Alex: I’m not even going out with Kelly. We cuddled on the couch a little during a movie. It wasn’t even a date or anything--all of you guys were there.

Tommy: yeah, but it’s not like I was trying to cuddle up on Jenna

Alex: that’s cuz Amanda likes you.

Tommy: no she doesn’t.

Alex: yu-huh, she told Jenna and Kelly.

Tommy: (sighs) really? Amanda? She’s so...

Alex: weird. Yeah. Remember in third grade when she brought her snake in and it got loose while we were at lunch?

Tommy: (laughs) yeah, and it ate TJ’s hamster!

Alex: (laughs) he still hasn’t forgiven her for that.

Tommy: and she’s obsessed with anime. She talks to me about it all the time.

Alex: I thought you liked that stuff?

Tommy: not like her. It’s awful. I want to stab my ears out.

Alex: (shoots Tommy in the leg) Shut up!

Tommy: what?

Alex: you like her. It’s ok. She’s weird but she’s not ugly or anything.

Tommy: She’s so weird though.

Alex: You didn’t say you didn’t like her.

Tommy: (blushes) that’s not important. What do we even do at our age? Have our parents drop us off at the movie theater? We can’t drive. I don’t have any of my own money. It would be awkward and crappy.

Alex: I mean--

Tommy: you think when we start high school we’ll still do this stuff?

Alex: yeah. Why wouldn’t we?

Tommy: Because everything is supposed to change. We’re supposed to lose our virginity and date girls and be mad at our parents all the time. When will we do this?

Alex: every Friday night?

Tommy: Shut up. Remember recess? We don’t have recess anymore. We don’t have playgrounds anymore. Steve’s already been practicing driving.

Alex: yeah but he crashed his Dad’s car.

Tommy: We’re getting older Alex. And these things aren’t going to happen anymore. Being a teenager is all about the crappy things that middle school has been plus parties where people drink and do drugs.

Alex: yeah, but that’s going to be fun.

Tommy: (rolls his eyes) Sure. I might do something stupid and end up kissing Amanda.

Alex: she’s not ugly.

Tommy: I don’t care. I don’t like her. She’s not my soul mate.

Alex: Soul mate? What the hell are you talking about?

Tommy: (a little sheepishly) soul mate. I want to date my soul mate.

Alex: You think that you have to date your soul mate?

Tommy:...I guess not. But I don’t want to date someone I’ll regret dating.

Alex: That’s why it’s dating and not marriage. You aren’t supposed to find a soul mate in middle school. You really think that?!

Tommy: shut up. I--we--things are changing. K? And I have fun now, so let’s keep having fun.

Alex: well, yeah. I’ll keep doing this as long as it’s fun.

Tommy: would you still come to air soft wars if Kelly wanted to give you an hj instead?

Alex: (convincing himself) No...I’d hang out with you guys.

Tommy: (shoots Alex in the leg) Bull. That’s my point. Why do we hang out together anymore? Are we just waiting for girls to come along and take us away to left field?

Alex: no. We’re friends...Besides, I’m not into feet.

Tommy: (laughs) You know what I mean.

Alex: I do. And I don’t.

Tommy: just drop it. Let’s go to the playground.

Alex: Soul mate?

Tommy: shut up.