Monday, February 6, 2012

Sim-Date 3/3

cont'd with a bit of my actual life at the bottom.

“What? How is that a lie?”

“You didn’t write that you don’t have an enormous mole on your neck in your profile, therefore you lied by omission,” she scribbled a note and authoritatively scratched it out.

“But I couldn’t write down all the things I don’t have. That would be absurd. I don’t have a yacht; I don’t have an airplane.”

“You’re right, you don’t have those. At least you fess up to your lies,” her pen was furiously scratching away at things on my profile. She tore through a page, crumpled it up and tossed it aside. It hit a chubby little boy who was shoving a straw up his nose. The boy shot chocolate milk out of his nose all over his plate.

Rebecca wasn’t paying attention. She was mumbling, tallying up my lies at a nearly incalculable rate.

Pages were scratched out and crumpled. Soon my profile was everywhere, tatters. I had been reduced to torn bits of lies. She tore up the last piece in frustration just as the waiter came by with the wine. For a tense moment he poured a bit of red wine into my glass. I tasted it and gave him the ok.

The waiter poured us two full glasses and left the bottle.

“How can you tell if a whole bottle is good just by a sip from the top?”

“I know it’s not bad, so I feel it’s worth it to try the whole thing.”

“Ha. You’re a liar,” she paused as she sipped her wine and put her pen in her purse, “so, tell me about yourself.”


And now a little bit about me because I haven’t written enough and need to catch everyone up a bit.

Saturday was a beautiful day. I walked around the city and took pictures. I couldn’t help it. four hours later I was exhausted and happily satisfied with the beauty of the city. A sunny day in Seattle is like paradise (or para-para-paradise as Coldplay would say).

Ciera came home and we watched the sunset. We had a quiet night.

Then we got our butts in gear for Super Bowl Sunday. Ciera had her last day of work in the Village Theater Box Office (she is moving on now as a full-time PA on their productions). To kill time I went hiking at Chirico just south of Issaquah. It is a steep hike but a beautiful view well worth it. My legs were shaking by the time I made it to the bottom.

Then we watched the Super Bowl and played with a kitten and then watched the Odd Couple. It was great.

It’s been nice these last few days.