Monday, February 6, 2012

Sim-Date 1/3

Short story:

I was nervous. It was my first date in forever and my first online date ever. I fiddled with my tie and self-consciously ran my hand through my curly hair.

I was sitting at the bar nursing a cheap beer hoping that the fourteen push-ups I had done before getting in the car would offset the softness that had set in since getting my new job. The higher pay had come with higher stress and a five solid pounds of fat. Not much extra mind you, but definitely an extra belt notch.

I was meeting a beautiful girl that I had met online. She had short blonde hair and seemed rambunctious. The online dating world was kind of liberating. The initial hellos were as awkward as any introduction, but the knowledge that no one was looking to be ‘just friends’ made me feel comfortable to flirt.

I had a few exchanges with weirdos, widows, clingers, cougars, and men posing as women. Most of them turned out to be married. I had been talking to her for about a month and she seemed genuinely interested in a date.

And we were to meet here at 7:30. She texted me and said she’d be late, fashionably so. I wandered to the bar fiddled with my appearance and described how I got here in my head. And here I am.

And then, there she was. She had on a jewel blue dress. It came down in a sensible yet sexy v. The dress hugged her curves naturally but wasn’t saran-wrap against her body. She wasn’t a model, she was real. Her hips were a little disproportionate to her body, her torso was long, and her breasts were average. Her arms weren’t sticks dangling at her side; in fact, her shoulders were slightly broad from all the rock-climbing she did in her spare time.

She was, in short, a real person. She dug through her purse and pulled out her phone. She checked it and looked around quickly.

“Rebecca,” I called as I walked toward her. She saw me smiled and we greeted each other with a slightly awkward hug. We sat down and ordered our food.

The waiter gave a knowing, “I see you web-lovers coming in here on a first-date all the time” nod to us as he took our menus. We smiled quietly at each other for a moment--it was uncomfortable.