Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The News

Gay rights. Today the 9th Circuit court of Appeals ruled that Prop 8 was unconstitutional. The opinion was written very narrowly and it is highly unlikely pro-Prop 8ers will succeed in their final two avenues.

But it is hardly likely to be a watershed Roe v. Wade moment. The opinion was so narrowly written as to probably not even have a national scope. It will likely force all gay marriages in California to be validated and allowed. But it may never go beyond that.

Justice Kennedy is the clincher.

And Washington will probably have gay marriage too by the end of the year. This is important stuff. It’s also inevitable stuff. It’s going to be a tough war, but Waterloo has come and gone and the anti-gay forces are in retreat.

It’s tough to say that giving someone rights infringes upon yours somehow. Get over it.

Anyways, Iran is still being bellicose and Israel seems intent to match or exceed the threats. The EU is collapsing slowly because of bad fiscal or monetary or both policy. They’re being ridiculous to think that constricting the flow of money and goods is going to somehow magically restore the economy. If the government ledgers were all at zero, how would that affect unemployment or well-being for the citizens? It wouldn’t. Everyone would be happy and rejoice that the budget was balanced but the bull about it is that no one would really be better off. Think about it.

Lots of death in Syria. Still. Don’t know how that’s going to pan out.

Mitt just got whupped up on by Rick in MN and MO, probably CO too. The GOP continues to fall apart. Stay tuned for weak Republican turnout at the general. I’m yawning with anticipation. Or boredom.

I finally got a couple rolls developed today from this summer. They were wonderful; some of them. And they were better than all the crap in the news.

Mama was in a couple pictures. Beautiful and wonderful. I miss her. I live a great life these days but I don’t get to see her. The news is crap.

If war stopped completely tomorrow, there would be another reason to fight two days from now. It would be petty and it would kill millions. And someone would say it was worth it. People are jerks.