Saturday, February 25, 2012


The war is over go home. There is no hidden conspiracy on the part of an exceedingly moderate first term president to somehow become a radical fascist commie who is going to take away your guns and forbid religion with his Sharia law. Go home and relax.

The nation is not falling apart at the executive. It is falling apart at the most democratic portion. The budget has not passed for four years. The Senate now requires 60 votes to get anything done. The last time such a strong majority was required on a regular basis was under the Articles of Confederation. And that didn’t turn out so well. Recently the Republican in control of the recording room in congress denied the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee the ability to use the room to record testimony on women’s health and contraception. This has never happened before. Being petulant and denying the voice of a dissenting opinion is not democratic. Liberty and freedom die in the demonization of the Other, not because the Other is a demon.

The people who would contract the rights of the minority because their views are different cannot be the bearers of a free and democratic society. The free flow of respectful and dissenting ideas is the way of a functional democracy. Those who portend the death of our freedom are eager to enforce it with their own brand of justice based on personal conviction, disregarding the rule of law and free discourse between differing views.

Caesar did not kill the Roman Republic; it rotted from the core out. The preservation of government served only to mollify the desires of corrupt and greedy politicians. Brutus was the blind ideologue; unable to see that the fruit had fallen. The voice of the people became the angry and easily moved mob. Marc Antony turned a crowd against their own political freedom with his sweet prose.

Democracy dies when violence and conspiracy prevail over order and reason. It is not righteous to deny facts because they do not fit a worldview. It is not righteous to make deliberately false claims against a minority perspective. Righteousness derives from truth and honor. In democracy truth and honor derive from respect and open discourse.

No cacophony of angry and stubborn voices will ever create harmonies.