Saturday, January 14, 2012

Watching People Watch the Sunset

Then they aren’t here anymore. Sometimes people just disappear. And that important connection is lost.

I wonder what would happen if there was a line for yellow lights? There is a stop line at intersections, but what if there was a line--determined by a traffic engineer--that let you know if you could safely pass through a yellow light without changing your speed. If you hadn’t passed that threshold and the light turned yellow; it would indicate to you that you should begin braking. Ciera said that would create a problem though; people would just push that boundary.

But I think it would wade out the assholes (who we know exist) from the people who are genuinely unsure about how to react when they see a yellow.

I also don’t get cyclists. Some cyclists tend to have this, not a car so I don’t have to follow the rules of the road mentality. Being on a bike does not give you permission to run red lights or fail to yield to pedestrians. Cyclists can be jerks just like drivers of cars. It is important to be courteous on the road.

And people in Seattle do crazy things too. Like the big black woman who crossed the street nowhere near a crosswalk at night. I barely saw her; mostly because she blocked the headlights of the oncoming traffic. She was a ghostly black specter crossing the road. Pedestrians; please use the sidewalk. It’s fifteen extra seconds of your time and keeps me from hitting you when I am driving.

We don’t have to live in enormous bubbles all our lives and wear foam clothing, but we do have to keep an eye out and be courteous. Like, not opening your doors as wide as you can when you are parallel parked on a busy two lane road at night. I can’t see the door or you getting in. I just can’t; it’s the nature of darkness.

I just wish people cared more about their own well-being. I get lucky seeing these things. Sometimes we aren’t so lucky. And after having been in a car crash I can say that it’s not fun.

Also, there was a beautiful sunset yesterday. I didn’t see it. But I saw it reflected off the building across the street. And I saw the people in that building taking pictures of that sunset. It must have been awesome.