Friday, January 27, 2012

Urban Family Public House

As you may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. It’s because lots of fun stuff has been happening. And I’m exhausted because of it.

Crystal was in town for a night and Ciera and I hung out with her. We explored two places: Carta Oaxaca and Urban Family Public House. Both are in Ballard and both are awesome. Carta Oaxaca is a bustling Mexican restaurant that specializes in their mole dishes. And they are awesome. I scarfed their food down and soaked up the busy atmosphere with a Dos Equis (it means two Xs in Spanish by the way).

Great little place, I have to go back there with Ciera. I scrambled to pick her up from her work downtown but terrible drivers kept slowing me down. Bicyclists that think I can see them in the dark--I can’t see you. Bicyclists that think it’s ok to run red lights and ride in the middle of the lane--it’s not. Cars that think it’s ok to change lanes without signaling--it’s not. Cars that think it’s ok to reverse in the middle of the road because you missed your turn by fifty feet--not ok.

So driving took a little longer than if there weren’t any people there. I still made it there on time. And we made our way back to Ballard where there is an awesome little place that just opened called Urban Family Public House. These guys have 20-30 German style beers on tap and are very knowledgeable about their brews. The beers aren’t Bud Lights so expect to pay a bit more but it is totally worth it because the beer is cool and so are the owners.

Crystal happened to know one of the owners from her work and he seemed like a cool dude. Ciera and I will be returning if only to check in and say hi again.

And yesterday we went to see Erin Jorgensen’s main stage performance at On The Boards. I loved the piece; conceptually brilliant with haunting lyrics and innovative use of the Marimba; if only life were as beautiful as the simple composition of her encompassing pieces. the use of light, color, and audio effects pulled me into her world and from then on we were on her ride. It was funny, it was sad, it was a dream I couldn’t quite remember.

So yeah, it’s been quite the week.