Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seattle Snow 2/2

It was like that in Spain a bit too. I remember--and I’m sure my blog can attest to--the inadequate sidewalks in inclement weather. In the rain the sidewalks were slippery; transformed into the least fun ice rink in the world. When it snowed it was even worse. The snow would melt on beautiful stone sidewalks and turn into an invisible layer of wet ice. I stood at the entrance to the Plaza Cervantes and watched people slip violently on the alabaster stones--the slipperiest ones. Umbrellas would shoot in the air; large middle-aged Spanish women fell on their ample butts.

Spain, I spent one semester there and yet I can’t help but wander back there in my mind. It is like that with Australia too. Two weeks when I was twelve and it stays with me so indelibly. Those types of experiences are memorable. Always memorable. We don’t always know what comes with us but when we travel like that, the memory sticks. Like snow on the ground. Most of life is snow falling on a warm pavement; quickly melting away. But a few gather; settling on our minds and making everything quiet for a moment.

I’m waiting for Ciera to get off work. She works at Fireworks in Westlake Mall. It’s a funny little kitsch and much more expensive than kitsch store. She got a ten minute break to hang out with me. We decided to go to Dilletante across from her store. It serves chocolate and coffee. It’s funny how two bitter flavors can be so good with the snowy weather. I got the most bitter, darkest chocolate mocha I could. And it tastes like a little bit of heaven. Last night we listened to all sorts of music; let it play in the background while we worked and cleaned. The apartment is really finally clean. It took so long to get the hallway cleared, but it is. Gentle tunes carried through the apartment, driving us to keep working.

And I collapsed on the bed when the place was clean. I reached for a cup of tea and rested. The snow had ceased falling long ago; the night retreated away from the warm lights of our home and I drifted to sleep.