Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craigs v1 (3of3)


M:I traveled back in time today. An angel came to my life last year and planted her seed of love in my heart. And until now I wasn't brave enough to cherish and water that seed. I found the courage to overcome social mockery and travel back in time today and water the seed. I like to think it's not too late. (while this is happening events rewind to the beginning). Yes, I will take the buckets!

Time Passes

F:someone is on the naughty list moonlighting You deserve a wedgie! And a thousand kisses : )

M: I was your secret Santa, but the thing I really wanted to give you isn't something you can wrap in a bow. Well, you can, but it gets in the way. You're taken, I'm taken, but man am I taken with you. If you ever want to get your jingle bell rung by an elf who can keep secrets, come on down to my north pole and let's get sledding.

F: (sees/hears this and becomes heartbroken hands him back his present)

M: (beat) I don't know if you look here or think about me. It's hard to move on without you, I'm trying...been seeing her for about a week now and anyone would be very lucky to be in my place because she's beautiful and sexy. She really likes me, but I'm not into her, probably because I'm not over you. (F Starts talking) I don't know how long it will take to get over you, I wish I didn't have to, but that's not my choice.

F: (While M is talking) I have your xbox. You handed it to me the other day. I have to get something off my chest. Your look has changed. I saw you in those pants. I couldn't help but imagine what they would look like off of you. If you read this and can keep it to yourself, reply and I'll get back to you and we can talk.

Interlude (Interrupts main thread):

PBNJ: Half a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich FOR SALE: It’s HALF A PEANUT BUTTER AND STRAWBERRY JAM SANDWICH THAT I COULD NOT FINISH EATING... ALSO INCLUDES SOME CHIPS AND A PICKLE SPEAR! Asking Price is $1.50, but other offers will be considered. If interested send e-mail.

End Interlude:

(The piece starts to break down; a chorus erupts)

F: (simultaneously with M) I saw you at the store. I think you saw me! (winks) Hope you see this! Email with a description of me and what I had in my hand so I know it's you.

M: (simultaneously with F) I saw you smoking outside your car early this afternoon in the Outback Steakhouse and Burger King parking lot.

F (simultaneous with M): Tell me my name. Tell me what I was driving. I think I heard your friends call you Matt or Mark. Your Scrubs had me hot and bothered. You: tall dark and handsome. Reply to this post?

M (simultaneous with F): Tell me what I was wearing. I was lingering a bit. You were driving a black Lexus. We made eye contact for a fleeting moment. You have stunning eyes. Reply to this post?

Both: What I would give....to hug you, see you smile, take in your scent.....I wish you felt better.... About everything.  I do love you. I do.....I just can't show you how much anymore..... And I want to.... So bad. This is hard. Despite my outward happiness, I miss you so much...

M: Ok. Just had to get that off my chest.

F: Reply to this post?