Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craigs v1 (2of3)

Cont'd. All of these are from actual posted missed connections


GAY:Nervous morning swimmer - Not sure if you'll see this, but thought I'd try. You're at the gym a few mornings a week. You're average height/dark hair and eyes/lean/hairy/uncut. You and I swim around the same time most mornings and catch each other's eye. I've gotten hard and jerked for you in the showers and sometimes you start to join me but then stop because you’re nervous. You're always hard or semi-hard when we're in there, though. I see your wedding ring and I know why you're nervous, but I just wanted to reach out and tell you that you don't have to be. I really want to help you explore further but will respect any limits you have. If you're interested in taking things somewhere more private, email me and let's talk about it. I really hope you see this because seeing you in the mornings and not being able to do more with you or at least talk about it is making me crazy. I'm not a stalker...I'm just an admirer and I see from your hard on that you at least feel the same way a little. If you see this and email me, tell me what kind of speedo we wear...we both wear the same kind.

CLOSET: I hate the very thought of you! So keep crying asshole. You are so fucking stupid. You make me sick. How can I make you understand me? What the fuck do I have to do to get it through your thick ugly fucking head? If you ever come near me I'll spit on you

End Interlude

F: I helped you find your bus...you said--

M: Thanks for all the trouble.

F: Nice ass by the way. (Stands at stop and watches the bus pull away)


EXHIBITIONIST:you-white car; parked, sexing it up. Us-tan Blazer you parked nearby. We were in back and my wife got so horny as you both got it on so hard. Would like to do it again. If you get this please respond and tell us what kind of car or what color she was wearing when she got out. We are a very cool couple in our 20's and discreet; love public fun.

End Interlude

F: I looked up your name on facebook but couldn't find you anywhere I even googled your name and couldn't find you. Well I hope you read these things cause I thought we hit it off and would love to talk to you again. If this is you I hope to hear from you.

M: I should have jumped off that bus when we looked at each other and smiled as the bus took off. It was around 6 pm and we were both waiting in the rain at the same stop. You're gorgeous. I liked your style from what I observed.. I regret not getting off the bus and pursuing you. Hopefully you read these things. Most likely you don't though. I want to know you.


JPOP: You were reading on the 49 bus from downtown to Cap Hill. I don't ever post on here, but I thought I'd give it a shot. You are an incredibly attractive man who was reading on the 49 bus that goes up Pike around 5:15. You were wearing a blue jacket with what seemed like an orange liner and a black and white scarf. Beard, mustache and thick black glasses sitting next to an asian woman wearing a scarf with red snowflakes. I doubt you saw me because you were reading , but I'd love to meet you and grab coffee or something.

DESPERATE MAN:Oh god you're beautiful!!!!! You were sitting across from me and a few seats over on bus 71 today heading into downtown. You had long straight dark hair and looked partially from Asian descent. You were so beautiful that I actually almost handed you my card so you'd have my contact information. I don't know why I didn't. Your beauty literally almost killed me. Everything but your face vanished for me. There was no bus, no people, no noise. Just your absurdly gorgeous face. Please, by whatever powers there may be in this world, let me find you again. This time I won't pass it up.

End Interlude: