Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craigs v1 (1of3)

This is the first draft of the piece Ciera and I are working on for the Town Theater

Philosophy: love has no boundaries; the sexual preferences of the characters portrayed are malleable and represent the full spectrum. It is the job of the people putting on this production to make the characters not only consistent but also to capture the people free of yet utterly constrained by our societal constructs. After all, the internet is similarly boundless—go crazy.

F: beautiful day. The sun is bright. My friends are back.

M: (frowny face) I don't know if you look here anymore or think about me. It's hard to move on without you, I'm trying...been seeing a girl for about a week now and anyone would be very lucky to be in my place because she's beautiful and sexy. She really likes me, but I'm not into her, probably because I'm not over you. I don't know how long it will take to get over you, I wish I didn't have to, but that's not my choice.

F: I hate the very thought of you! So keep crying asshole. You are so fucking stupid. You make me sick. How can I make you understand me? What the fuck do I have to do to get it through your thick ugly fucking head? If you ever come near me I'll spit on you.

M: It's like you're Hell bent on hurting me.

F: (melodramatically) Closed. Facebook closed. Linkedin closed. You hate me. Everyone hates me. Ive nothing left. I won't be here anymore. Don't look for me. It will be like I never existed. No one cared enough to even give me a hug. It's really all I needed. To feel cared for and loved.

All: (Sigh) Reply to this post?

F1: Unless all of the following points are true

M: Use your 'back' button to exit this part of craigslist

F1: I am at least 18 years old--(scoffs) yeah...

M: I understand 'missed connections' may include adult content

F1: I release craigslist from any liability that may arise from my use.

All: (one bored, another monotone, another flabbergasted more or less) Choosing safer sex for you and your partner greatly reduces the risk of contracting STDs including HIV -- you can get answers to your safer sex questions.

M1: I'll come over and we can chill (takes a picture of penis) Like it says I'll come over we can chill, have a fun time, watch a movie, or something else. I can sleep on the couch if you want. Reply to this post?

F2: Umm...no thanks. (puts on uniform piece, smiles, holds up buckets)

M: Yes! I would like to purchase the bucket...all four of them...Your incredible smile and beautiful eyes really made my day!

F1: I saw you at the store. I think you saw me! (winks) Hope you see this! Email with a description of me and what I had in my hand so I know it's you.. I helped you again at the bus stop? Hope to hear from you soon.

M: We chatted about soaps and scents... Your voice deep and sexy... Your laugh incredibly contagious... Your smile precious... Your hair beautiful and flowing... We chatted about a few things... I was interrupted by a call. I wanted desperately to tell you how beautiful you were in my eyes... My heart was racing. If you happen to read this please write back. Id just love to make a new friend. (Smiles, waits alone on-stage. Smile becomes strained; fades to neutral then worried).

F: Do you know how many of us are out there? If you really want her, she needs to know you are talking to her!

M: Trying again with more details. We talked about electronic cigarettes and dildos in the store. I'd love to talk to you more about it (winks and smiles). (Waits, gets frustrated, lights a cigarette, staring at phone. Walks to bus stop, and stands, notices girl standing there). We were at the wrong bus stop. You had blond hair and a red jacket with the hood on. When I first walked by you smiled and said hi. You were with a friend. I was kind of shy, but we kept smiling at each other. You made gave me butterflies and it felt good. You have stunning eyes, so much so it made me nervous when you spoke to me. I haven't felt like that in a long time.