Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aimee Mann is Our Cleaning Lady

There is so much time spent cleaning. A small apartment has so much to clean. I have fully spent over three hours today just cleaning. And it’s a daily ritual.

I can’t stand the ritual of cleaning. Ciera mostly cleans the bathroom and I clean the kitchen and that still is a lot of cleaning. It drives me insane. slowly but surely. I can’t believe how much there is to always clean. Clean, clean, clean. It is always a verb and never an adjective in this place.

Is that how the rest of my life is going to be? Cleaning?

Always going to entropy. Everything. I read a book called The Information. It’s an entertaining history of how we use and transmit information. An interesting question brought up in the book: if you burn a book what happens to the information contained in that book? The fire doesn’t burn brighter and the words cannot be extracted and given to somebody to keep. The information cannot be retrieved from the burned pages. And yet the book is far more valuable than another one with pages filled only with a random assortment of letters. Perhaps consciousness provides us with the only way to fight entropy.

Of course, information is still subject to decay because of the media we use to store it so we can’t--as of this moment--physically fight entropy through order and information transmittal.

But this still presents an interesting possibility: time’s linear pursuit of decay is not set in stone.

Until humanity finds a way to garner entropy I will be cleaning my house. There are pine needles everywhere. Last night Ciera and I got our Costco membership. Now we can buy things in bulk. The question is where do we put it? I am so confused about our place. On one hand it appears we have fairly little, but in another sense we have far too much. We got rid of the Christmas tree and it still doesn’t feel like there is a ton of space here.

Perhaps we do live “in a shoebox” as the famous cliche goes. Or perhaps we are no good at optimizing our space. I’m just unhappy with how hard it seems to keep this place clean.

I’m sure this sounds whiny but I can’t get past it right now.