Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pre-recap 2011

This year is almost over. With nine days left I thought I would recap it with some of the major points. And I know that anything can happen in ten days, so let's just call this the draft.

I graduated college with a degree in Political Economy.

I got my first job at a public involvement and facilitation firm called Triangle Associates.

I got my first real apartment with my girlfriend Ciera.

I moved to Seattle.

I spent the summer with Mama and Nan and all of my relatives in Portland.

I got in a car wreck.

I quit the crew team due to my back injury.

I lost my great aunt Yae.

Anwar's mother Sandra passed away.

Ciera's grandfather Jim passed away.

Mama died.

My great aunt Marian was diagnosed with brain cancer; she is currently undergoing treatment.

It didn't happen this year but at the end of last; a great family friend, Steve Pitts, passed away.

I got my very first Christmas tree—we never had any at my house because my grandparents always had some.

I wrote a thesis on resource management and the difficulty of avoiding the tragedy of the commons.

I said goodbye to the college life.

I packed up my room in Reno and headed north in a 1996 Buick LeSabre.

I helped create a dialogue on campus for my peers to talk about the community on Skidmore's campus.

I was an extra in a really bad pitch for a reel to a studio.

I took lots of photos.

I read about the top 1% in Winner-Take-All Politics by Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson.

I became a huge fan of Bill Bryson and all of his writing.

My friends scattered across the globe and now I talk to them rarely but I cherish each moment with them still.

I learned how to deep fry food and how to make vegan molasses cookies and chocolate covered batter balls.

I had the time of my life celebrating huge milestones in my life with friends and family.

I turned 22.

I met tons of new people.

I saw tons of theater.

I, despite the pain, have had an amazing year and am very grateful to all of the people who have been with me this year.