Thursday, December 15, 2011

Land Leave Excerpt James Backstory 1

Going through a pinhole appears to take only a moment; entry and exit happen nearly simultaneously. But with a ruptured stabilizing field the temporal experience for the crew can be disorienting. Breaking into the fourth dimension is one of eternity and instantaneousness. The captain thought quietly to himself, here we go again. As they entered the field he dove for the manual controls and locked into them. The captain flipped the manual adjustments just as the Eve entered the wormhole.

Immediately the Eve exploded in a million other universes. The captain focused his thoughts and tapped the controls frantically. An eternity passed. The Eve came out of the black hole forty billion years in the future—pure unending blackness. The Eve came out of the hole at the Big Bang—brilliant pressures and explosions; the universe was a pinpoint. The Eve stayed in stasis, held the moment still, one half in the three dimensional universe, the other spread across time and all other possibilities.

James was half-way strapped into his seat when the Eve threaded through. His body tore apart, every nerve was in pain. And then he was in his room as a kid; he was three years old. Light streamed through the blinds and the faint sound of a landing Navy vessel entered the room. The hum and buzz made his heart jump. He raced to the door, “daddy!”

He was taken up in arms; strong yet gentle, soft and comfortable. They were his mother's. He buried his face in her neck giggling, “he's home! He's home!” She held him close; her perfume was subtle but it seemed to be the only thing in the room. He felt held and comforted.
“You have to wait; Daddy has to dock the ship first. Do you want to go and meet him?” James nodded excitedly, “ok, we'll get your shoes on and meet him at the docks.”

James was pulled away from his mother's arms, he could sense nothing. The universe was a uniform blanket that smothered him until he became part of the fabric. He was twelve and he was trying to ignore his parents fighting downstairs.

“Senate! We can't do this Jim. When are you going to see James?”

“I see him all the time! Senate would be less of a commitment than the Navy; think, I would be able to stay here and actually be with you. I want to see him grow up.”

“But the media! The attention, I can't do this now; not when I'm--”

“You think I haven't thought about this? This is my family's legacy.”

“Legacy, this is about filling your father's shoes?”

“No! Damn it, it's about something greater. I'm telling you there's more to this! This is bigger.”

“Bigger? Than us? Than our son and your wife?”

James played with his spaceship; made loud buzzing noises to drown out the argument. The yelling stopped. He heard a door slam.