Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Crack in Everything

Last night I saw art in motion. I have seen really cool performances before but this was like watching a visual masterpiece right before your eyes. A Crack in Everything, now on tour and performed last night at On The Boards was the visual equivalent of dragging all of your Freudian sub-conscious daydreams into the open.

The performance moved seamlessly between numbers. The piece was hypnotic in its motions, arresting in its transitions, beautiful in its design, and horrifying in its subtext.

It is rare that dance can convey such deep thoughts in oneself. I generally respond to dance on an emotional but surface level. This piece had me feeling in a genuine and deep manner. Ciera mentioned how her thoughts would drift to long untouched memories and she couldn’t explain why. She later realized it was the performance itself that was creating that.

These dancers were able to elicit imagery and perform what I would characterize as real magic. Their use of light, spare setting, and a nearly dichromatic palette drew me into an ultramodern yet simultaneously primeval space. The performance was so potent that I often felt physically singled out by the piece; as if the dancers were talking to me in the crowded room.

Compliments aside, the best physical description of the piece is a contemporary dance number that is inspired by the Greek tragedy Orestia with recurring motifs of silence, light and dark, and temporal distortion. It is a perfect fusion of video and dance. The two elements merge together to make the space feel infinite and the entire piece encompassing.

For the entire day, Ciera and I have been thinking about it. I have let it bubble up into my thoughts as a point of inspiration. It was cinematic yet viscerally present; terrifying yet urbanely serene.

Somehow it felt like a snapshot on the inner workings of a brain. How all the connections fire off and one small memory leads to another to another to another. All in rapid succession. It was the world of the mind staged as dance.

So if you ever see A Crack in Everything in your town. Definitely go see it. It was better than Sleep No More. And if you have seen that then you know I don’t say that lightly.