Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cook 01

I am not certified to say anything I am about to say. So take it with a grain of salt. But I want to impart my philosophy of cooking at least a little bit.

Cooking is an art. But art is science. And science stems from philosophy.

My philosophy of cooking is simple. Make it taste good. People have many methods of preparing their dishes and I have found validity in many methodologies of cooking. I find it is easiest to release a hard line on how food should be made and embrace the variety in preparation. One night I may feel that a dish needs a bit extra spice, another night I may use only two or three ingredients; on any other given occasion I could follow a recipe precisely whereas sometimes I look at many and get a sense of what I will be making.

Food is not an enigma. There is no reason to fear foods or their complex flavors. Each ingredient in a dish can add layers like colors on a canvas. If ingredients are colors and the dish is the product then it is also apt to note that the Mona Lisa will not simply arrange itself from the many ‘colors’ in your pantry. So it will be tough at first. And often you will fail. There have been plenty of nights where I have made a meal, sure of its final success, and been disappointed with its outcome. Sometimes they suck. But they are usually salvageable as leftovers.

Always remember that you get another shot at it when you get hungry again.