Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beat of a Blog

I'm behind again. But that's sometimes how it is. This blog takes a backseat to life. So generally that means I do this when I can. The daily commitment to writing is really hard. It gets harder everyday I skip. Before I know it I have three blogs to write.

It's amazing how fast time passes by. The steady beat of a blog a day reminds me of how quickly it all fades.

I remember dancing with Ciera in the rain. We were in Congress Park. We danced and talked about our vague future. It was as black as the night around us. Only the street lights punched through the rain. We walked to a fountain in our formal clothes. She wore a gray dress; it looked great on her. I wore my shirt and slacks. We had left to grab some air because the dance hall was too hot and loud.

And I loved dancing in the park. Light drops fell, hinting at the end of the very long spring. It would soon be warm and sunny—at least we hoped. I had looked forward to summer; just a day of sun. And I could hope that the retreating raindrops were a sign of better weather.

The summer was cold and gray mostly. But somehow, when I look back on all the pictures I took, I was able to capture the sun. Just about every sunny day since January first has been cataloged by my camera. I find it funny that a portrait of my year through the lens of my camera paints a rosy picture full of people who love each other dearly.

Not that it isn't the case; merely that there were plenty of gray days. Plenty of days that I wondered if I would make it through the transition. Plenty of days when I wondered if a few drops of rain were portents of a terrible storm.

But it's thirty days before the end of my year, and I can say that I have weathered this year. Because I had to. I had to make it through the year in order to come out the other side. The steady beat of my blog has chronicled the transitions better than any camera. I was forced to record the gray days as well as the sunny ones.

It was cathartic. I held Ciera's hand in mine; my other arm around her waist. And we clumsily danced. I spun her out and pulled her in. We giggled and held each other. We started walking back to the dance. We would find out the future soon enough.