Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, it says that I did too many entries. I could have sworn I was under by just one. I don't really care. I'm putting up this one because I planned to.

So here's the deal: I followed my New Year's resolution more or less. In one year I fully chronicled my existence on a daily basis. I forgot to count very accurately and I spent a lot of time writing to catch up. And I didn't follow my intermediate resolutions very well (a pic a day anyone?).

This year was a year. More than any other year this one was the most 2011 of any year since or to come. And so we close out the year as we always do, with our new years foods. In Japanese culture there are foods that you eat and those foods give you good luck. It's great and delicious. It's just the tradition here. I can't imagine starting a new year without all of those foods.

I have little to say about the year that I haven't already said. I am where I am now and last year I couldn't have imagined being here now. But I could as well. Things change. Things stay the same. I am in the kitchen of my grandmother's house and everyone is cooking and laughing, the same as in years past. But I'm not going back 'home' to Reno and then to school at Skidmore. I have a job—more or less—and I live with my girlfriend in Seattle.

So, this coming year. What is my New Year's resolution? I will keep the blog as I did before. Continue with the same rules. I hope to do this far into the future. This is part of my life now.

I will now meditate, stretch, and work-out daily. I'm not sure what that commitment is. I want to exhaust my body everyday. I want to spend some real time reflecting everyday. And I want to stretch everyday. Personal improvement. Everyday. Set aside time. My time.

This next year is a leap year. One extra day to accomplish my goals. New year's resolution. I can do this. I know that this is the typical New Year's resolution but I controlled the mind this last year. I will control the body now. A work out everyday. I can do this.

And I want to get something published this year.

And my predictions for 2012? I bet there will be a major pick-up in the economy. The question is what will happen with this major shift in the economy. What will happen to the Occupy movement? Will it fade into obscurity because everyone is fat off their jobs? Or do we really start to look at the policies that are making these kinds of inequalities continue? I can't predict that.

I bet there will be some major unrest in Europe. I bet that there is heightened talk of China's bubble collapsing and perhaps the actual collapse as other economies recover. I bet that the Republicans put up some whacked out nominees and it is likely they fail against the backdrop of a recovering economy and a rising backlash on Republicans. I bet that marijuana continues its slow march to legalization. I bet that one or two states approve of some sort of same-sex marriage.

I bet that there is more heartbreak and murder. I bet that there is more happiness and more change.

I bet that in 2012 the world will not end.

Happy new year.