Sunday, November 13, 2011


So Claire came in on Veteran's day. It is comforting and wonderful to have someone like Claire in my life. Claire came to visit me and to visit colleges to look at law schools. On Friday it was rainy and it was inconsequential.

I couldn't find a parking spot, but it was inconsequential. I rolled into Sea-Tac International Airport and met her at baggage claim. From there it has been a non-stop ride. We toured the city and I dragged her around. I have gotten so used to walking that I don't find distances odd at all. I regularly traverse the distance between the Space Needle and Pioneer Square. I walk about 5 miles a day. So whenever I remembered another little destination I told her, “just a couple more blocks.” Forty blocks later we had seen much of the city on foot.

I realized how much I knew about the city. I am not a very bad tour guide I think. I was way excited to show Claire everything about my new life. I also realized how barren it was to a large degree. I don't know where the big concerts or shows are; I live vicariously through Ciera, who is hooked into the theater scene. I usually just go see the things she has comps for.

It's nice to live that life, but I need to get out. I have become sort of isolated. Claire is my friend but I don't think that many people I have met here would really consider me to be such. I think I am “Ciera's boyfriend” a lot of the time now. Oh well.

The rain picked up and I guided Claire back to the Seattle Center, under the Space Needle, and into the car. I pulled off my Skidmore rowing shell; a waterproof layer that kept me warm. I turned the engine and picked up Ciera.

We cooked mac and cheese, picnicked on the floor and uncorked a bottle of wine. I now have the comforts of home in miniature. I live in a little studio apartment and am proud to bring my friends over and have them sleep on our couch and be hosts. I have moments of peace.

Ciera went to her play. Piper got on skype and I was able to hang out with my friends for hours. I miss Skidmore.

I am in Seattle now and I am happy to have my friends visit and I can't help but be happy and proud. It is probably some sort of sin to feel contented. Despite the many chaotic things in our world right now. Despite the uncertainty around me. Having Claire here reminded me of how much I mean to people and how much they mean to me. Living with Ciera it becomes a little insular. I folded cranes. Something I should have done a long time ago. I want to make sure that they make it to their destination.

If only to show that others are important to me.