Thursday, November 24, 2011

Travel Thanksgiving

I am not a big fan of the marathon days. I woke at 4am to get Ciera to the airport. Side note, Chris at work is slightly obsessed with the weather, and he told me, “the weather in November is the worst of the year, and this is the wettest November on record. It rains in the other months but it doesn't pour like in November.”

I'm inclined to really believe him. Driving when it is dark in Seattle in November means driving (or often in my case walking) in a downpour. It was so wet this morning that using the carpool lane meant hydroplaning. I didn't use the carpool lane to say the least. I dropped Ciera off at the airport and crawled back into bed. But wait, I had to get up again and so I was right back out of bed and heading to work. It was wet enough today that I just took the bus. The bus is a bit faster than walking. It took me 15 minutes to get downtown as opposed to walking which takes forty five.

If you calculate the speed though, if I jog at a reasonable pace, I can make it all the way downtown in about 17 minutes, so the bus isn't that fast. It's mostly dry and warm.

Work was pretty casual. Jess brought her cute little dog Clarisse into work. That dog has a mind of its own. Jess headed off to the kitchen but Clarisse refused to budge and plopped down right next to me. I'm glad that the puppy likes me but I think she should behave a little better. Anyways, Clarisse seemed entirely too preoccupied with my crotch so I let her come up on my lap and sit there for a minute. Even if the only benefit I get is a puppy on my lap every now and then it is a benefit and I do like those.

Anyways, I listened to music all day and worked steadily. It wasn't really anything that I needed to be there for, but I did show up. Because I'm dedicated. At least I like to fancy myself as such. Who can really tell.

Dropped the car key off with Amber Lee at Fireworks, met April the store manager, and went to the bus station. There began a long wait for a late bus. It was kind of agonizing. I listened in on a very talkative guy in standard drifter hipster attire—pants that turn into shorts, a beard, a beanie, a large hiking backpack, a soft spoken voice, and a semi-informed communist political demeanor. He had some sort of auto-immune disease and was sick. But he was talkative and made the Asian girl very uncomfortable, and the black guy just ignored him, and I really didn't give much of a damn.

At an entire bus stop though, his conversation seemed like he had been dropped out of a movie and had just drawn in three strangers to be part of his indie film. I kind of liked him. And now I'm in traffic. I won't be in until late and I don't expect to go to bed early. There are a lot of Asians in Seattle. And a bunch are going to Portland.

A black man wore a batman backpack frontways and in it was his toy dog. Greyhound is the best smattering of life.