Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Why is place so important? What makes a home so necessary?

I would first like to position this in the context of humans as animals. We have our refined modern lifestyle, but ultimately we are animals meeting our basic needs in a time tested way. We don't have dirt burrows, we have buildings with central heat. We don't store our food under rocks, we put them in refrigerators. And we don't cover ourselves in brush to stay warm, we wear clothes and cover ourselves in blankets. We are animals; what a curious thing to be so attached to our bodies and yet put on airs about being 'higher beings.'

With that in mind, I will now speak to the facade of our human world; which is not to diminish it, but simply to acknowledge 300 million years of being pure animal that precedes it. The Ambers came over—probably a slight misnomer as it piles them together though their personalities are so different—and we cooked dinner. We watched youtube videos and talked about life. We drank wine and had spaghetti. And I started to feel a little normal again. Less isolated in the middle of nowhere.

In a city full of people you don't know, discordant noises that break my inner peace, and a whole new way of living I like my home. I control it—well, at least when I can get Ciera to help me keep it clean—and I can do what I want in my home.

I can have friends over, and we can laugh on Halloween. We can cook and sit on the floor and eat. I can find a little inner peace. I am comfortable living here now; the walk down Queen Anne Ave doesn't feel so daunting. Work goes by smoothly; even if it is a rush to finish deadlines.

And I can pretend to live a bland existence while telling my new friends about the wild life I lead. I won second at the costume contest at work, dressed as the Triangle Associates' Intern-ship. I attached a cardboard cut-out of a ship to my belt. Ciera helped me paint it and provided the enthusiasm for me to follow through.

I guessed that Alan (my boss) wouldn't really have a costume—he was the only one in the office not to. It's funny how predictable and transparent we are to other people sometimes.

We have run our dishwasher three times! That's amazing for us, we barely have enough dishes to run it. Halloween in Seattle. I woke up with a candy hangover.