Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spring Closing in November

And then we went to Pike Place Market. And we spent an afternoon enjoying each other if not the weather. The market was crowded. People moved like molasses. People called out to sell their wares. Free samples. Heavy smells. Kitsch and beauty. Art and food. Knick-knacks and fish. It is the beauty of the city.

Lunch buffet. Indian food. The warm and the cold. The rain, and the breaking rays of light. Seattle is green and neon red and blue-grey. And I kept apologizing to Claire for “the weather being so terrible; it wasn't like this just a couple days ago.”

I purchased spices and we made our way back. Chilled out in the apartment. This is a city. I hoped Claire would choose to live here. But I respect if she goes to a school and location that more suits her needs.

We skyped with Katie, Alex, and Laura. It was nice to talk to them. I want to visit them.

We met Mimi and her friend Denise before the play. And Spring Awakening closed. The show went well, Ciera's scenes constantly evolved. Her big one was darker than I had ever seen it before. But she was great, as I had expected.

Then it was to the cast party where I got to really talk to the members. Interesting people. Stepped out into the surprisingly warm air with Claire and walked to Bartell's to grab some cigs. I needed some air from the laughter and the noise. I cleared my head; came back. And we went back to the apartment. At three in the morning we finally called it quits, going to bed. But that is even a lie. Ciera fell asleep and Claire and I still talked until about four.

This is what I missed, just being with my friends and not caring about the hour. The wine would come back to haunt me in the morning. The lack of sleep too. But for the moment it was just another loop on the roller coaster.

Sometimes I feel like I am living someone else's life. Like I don't feel entitled to being surrounded by such awesome people. It doesn't compute to me that I get so much and others get so little I suppose. I don't know what I did to really earn it all. I think that is what luck really means.