Saturday, November 19, 2011


Short story:

“I just got it pierced see?” She grabbed her collar and stopped herself, “well, I probably shouldn't show you, not in public at least. I mean, like I'll show you some other time...Don't take that to mean—no I didn't mean that way. You are nice and attractive but I don't want to show you it that way, if there is a way about it” she giggled, “I just, I am excited to show you this piercing...You see I got my first one when I was in college. I just graduated last year. And anyways, I got it my first year, I was a little drunk one night and this guy I was hooking up with mentioned that he thought it was hot. I didn't do it for him though. I promise. He ended up being kind of a jerk. I had been thinking about it for a while; it was something I could get that no one would know about but that I could call my 'little rebellion.' Am I talking too much?”

She paused and took a large sip from her coffee. Her eyes shifted around the room trying not to look at me. “Oh anyway, I should finish the story even if I do talk too much. I love stories, and I hate it when people hold off on telling and they start and then they stop and go I can't tell you, it's not appropriate or it's too embarrassing or whatever. But then they just tell you. Like what the hell? Just tell the story!” Her hands flailed wildly and almost spilled the coffee. “Anyways, like I was saying...what was I saying? Oh the piercing. Yeah I was kind of tipsy and I was hanging out with my friends and this guy I was hooking up with and I said I'd get one. I had been thinking about it because I wanted to be a 'wild crazy college girl'--ha! But it sort of was because of that, my parents are so straight-laced it drove me up a wall. I almost got my tongue pierced once at a charity clothing drive when I was sixteen just to see the look on my dad's face. My mom caught me before I could go through with it though.”

She shifted her position and leaned forward, “so we were hanging out and I told them I would do it. And this bitch that I hated but who always was around, you know those kinds of girls? The ones that are always there but you can't get rid of them because they are friends with so-and-so and they aren't big enough bitches that you can point out any real reason to not hang out with them so you keep seeing them at every party and when you do they always run up to you and give you a big hug and a fake smile and say 'oh my god! It's so great to see you why don't we hang out more?' Her. Well she and hook-up guy egged me on and so we went down to the mall, which was a whole story in itself, and I got it pierced.”

She picked up her coffee and put it to her lips, stopped mid-action and looked up at me, “I never hooked up with him again. He was a jerk like I said. He ended up hanging out with 'oh my god' girl; they're getting married now I hear. She was fugly though and that should make me feel better but it doesn't. It makes me feel kind of fugly by proxy. Whatever. Anyways, I got this piercing so I could have my own little rebellious secret. So that when people say 'you are so straight-laced and clean' I can smile and nod knowingly. But for the last four years I have felt lopsided. So that's why I got this one. Symmetry. I like to feel personally rebellious but also kind of y'know...even.”