Monday, November 14, 2011

Alaskan Way Liquefaction

It's hard to write. And it's hard to pay the bills. It's hard to not have life kind of suck. But that's only when I start worrying. Most of the time I am just doing what I do. That's far more fun. But it doesn't pay the bills.

Those damn student loans. The average American household with the head being 65 or older is worth 35 times what I'm worth. That is real inequality.

And those freakin' loans. If you default then your credit is bad for “like forever” and it drives me up a wall to think that my parents barely paid for college. College costs have skyrocketed and average post-graduate wages have drilled themselves downward. I am part of a generation of people who live in the most affluent nation and somehow cannot seem to get a slice of the big ole pie.

The Stranger has little postcards that fall out of their magazine each week now. They are confessions from the 99% on how their life sucks. It does suck. I mean, it's not South Sudan; it ain't paradise.

I feel like I'm right next to the Alaskan Way Seawall. In the event of a big enough earthquake, all of the fill that has been put there to make it level liquefies and starts to undulate with the waves of the earthquake. I feel like I'm right at the edge watching the piers collapse; the double-decker viaduct sway and tremble until they pay homage to the Embarcadero Bridge and come crashing down in enormous chunks, taking the lives of unsuspecting commuters in a violent maelstrom of concrete and smoke.

And if I'm not careful, I could easily step into that chaos. I could lose my footing on the steep yet sturdy bedrock below most of Seattle. I could end up on the structurally insufficient man-made death trap.

The two homeless men I pass on my way to work sleep and live under the Alaskan Way Viaduct. They will feel it shake, and they will be the first to go. But no one will notice and then everyone else will go. And I might be there too. On my way to work. And I won't have recourse to escape.

That is what it feels like sometimes. I'm not so happy with the people that let this happen. I can vote. I can organize. And these a-holes aren't going to keep me on the seawall while they watch from their penthouse windows. Screw that. I'm tired of people who suck trying to make my life suck.