Sunday, October 2, 2011

Status Update

A view of the vaguely Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Sammamish City Hall from the vaguely Frank Lloyd Wright Sammamish Library.

So I am trying working on cleaning up Land Leave for a query letter to a publishing agent, and hopefully on to stardom and the rewards of authorship from there. But Land Leave needs a lot of work; principally a new title. I can't quite find one though (hint: suggestions welcome).

Ciera and I went to Salmon Days, a festival held in downtown Issaquah every year to celebrate the coming of the salmon upriver to spawn. It's a lot of fun and there are tons of crafts. The food, while good, was way overpriced. We picked up some smoked salmon and ate it with our homemade soup. Homemade veggie soup is harder to make than you might think. Eventually Ciera had an epiphany about that and pureed our concoction and added some spices that really slowed down the flavor.

The soup is now delicious; and I look forward to it until we run out. Ciera has become a great cook, inventive and adaptable, I have been excited by everything she has made recently. And even though I love my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday for lunch I am always up for a new dish.

Ciera and I didn't get the apartment. We were really looking forward to moving in but I guess that's how it goes. I suppose that we'll have to keep searching. And with dogged perseverance we are back on the road, searching for someplace to live. Mimi has been wonderful about the ordeal; encouraging and generous, “you don't have to rush, you still have a place to stay here.”

We finally got a proposal on the Buick. $4100. Not bad for a totaled car with a Kelly Blue Book price of $3500. But that means we need to find a new car. So we are doing that too. I looked at the car's damage again. It has a tire mark on the back side where the truck hit us. We were actually driving for a time with a wheel in the side of the car. That's such a scary notion. I am so happy we are safe. I still need to see the doctor though. That's a mess. I don't even have a home address to get the forms. And we have to deal with insurance agents; not that they are bad (they are quite friendly) but I just want a check and a new car. And I want to feel that I got properly compensated.

But who knows? It all gets so tough and convoluted. Can I just watch Community?