Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reform and Move

I don't really think I'm talking politics. But I could be very wrong. I think I am talking about what is important to me in the same way that it has been framed for me for many years.

I am asking for logical non-partisan political reform. Logical in that it is based off strenuous debate based in fact and well-studied phenomena; anecdotal is good, but has to relate strongly to a supporting body of evidence. Basically, people can't make things up because other people check them. Non-partisan means that people open up to the possibility of working outside their positions and start focusing on the needs of the people in a lateral manner. Creativity and openness are key. Political reform means the implementation of the previous two elements to guide public policy. Democracy is our system of government and should be used to create the world we collectively want.

Obviously there is utopianism in that statement. But I don't like what happens here right now and I seek to fix it. I want my logical non-partisan political reforms.

How about this, if we were to freeze the economy like it is for the rest of our working lives then the average American (that is, the majority) would make $3.6 million over their lifetime (which could be quite generous considering what I make right now). More simply, $50,000 times 45 years (20-65) equals $3.6 million. The average top 1% household would make that in 3 years ($1.2 million/year). Given my previous arguments that the government is pervasive in determining pretty much any aspect of how we live, I'd say that's a great place to start.

I value democracy (and its less pure democratic republic under which we live) over capitalism. Capitalism will always be subordinate to the rights of man for me. And that's how I choose to be an American.

Anyways, I meant to talk about how Ciera and I are frantically trying to move into our apartment right now. It's going to be crazy. But so much fun. And people are already making plans to visit. I am so stoked. I had a great conversation with the men from 5 Dayton last night and I have been having a wonderful time living my life. It is so peculiar to think of the way that I have dropped into Seattle. First everything is up in the air, and my toes touch the ground, then my soles, and I'm running. Flying. Not floating.