Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Move 3

After the dust settled I realized some things. One, I am extremely grateful to everyone for their kindness and support. Two, we need more furniture. Three, there are a lot of odd things about this place that I will have to fix.

First, I'd like to thank George and Nate for giving us so much stuff. Without those two, we wouldn't have really anything to stock our new little studio. They gave us a toaster, towels, silverware, and tons of other stuff in a box that means so much. Grandma gave us a beautiful dresser. Mama gave us wicker baskets. Liz made an excellent contribution, looking out for us and making sure we were ok. Nan's salad spinner will rock, I'm just sad that we couldn't take the big leather couch. Ciera's aunt Lynn contributed a blanket to borrow. And Ciera's grandfather has now made amazing posthumous contributions that have made our move possible. He gave us a bed with a bookshelf. He gave us his Buick (before it was totaled it was everything). Ciera's mother lent us her Envoy. Olivia has given us her labor. Mimi has opened up her home to us as we tried to establish ourselves. My parents are putting together a package to send to us. I know I am missing people. There was so much and it has meant so much. We really are nothing without our support systems.

Two, despite the many generous donations Ciera and I still can't say we have moved in really. We don't have any chairs or tables. We have only one knife. We want a bath mat. An area rug as well. There are no butter knives. Our refrigerator has almost nothing in it. We are living without much. We barely have blankets and sheets. But that's ok. We'll make it all work. I hope that is the case at least.

And finally, we are moving into an apartment. I don't know what the last renters were like. But the place we signed on to when we looked at it and the place we have now are both very different things. The murphy bed is falling apart, the sink has a leak, the shower pressure is weak, there is rust in multiple places, the last people to paint were sloppy, there's a pink stain on the floor of the bathroom, the ceiling looks like it's caving in, I can hear the neighbors, our south neighbor has a bright porch light he that they do not turn off, one of the outlets doesn't work, and it's a studio. But all of that is the territory. I don't believe you ever move into a place that isn't breaking in some capacity. The simple truth is that all things are going to fall apart, and even a nice new place will settle into its creaks and cracks. So I'm going to do what I can to fix the place up and make it look good. It's about the broad brush strokes that make the place quaint and lovely.

The Trader Joe's is just a block away, there is a strip of stores and cafes a block away, all the houses around us are adorable, the sky isn't falling, and I'm excited to be living in my own place.