Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Move 2

Up. Good morning grandma. Coffee. Pack car. Dresser, toaster, box of goodies from George and Nate. Plan. Coordinate. Plan again. What are we going to do? Wave goodbye. Drive. Goodwill. Nothing? Bad furniture, stained fabrics, what the hell is that? Low flow showerhead. Hell yeah.

Mama's. Eat. Say hi. Vera, Ricky. Coordinate. Plan. Off again. Take David. Target. Tons of stuff. How much was all that? I guess that's not much. But our accounts are even more sparse. Oh well. Goodwill again. White sticky stuff on a blanket. No thank you. No furniture. Spirits waning. Pick up trailer. How do you drive this thing? We got up-sold. Fine, I'll get the insurance too. Pack it up. Salad spinner at Nan's. Eat some food finally. Slow morning. Slow afternoon. Take a break. Pick up O. Get on the road.

Truckstop blues. Too many white people. Too much fat. Too much sugar. Carl's Jr. is suddenly unappetizing. Too filthy dirty trashy white. Back on the road. Drive a trailer. Drive it carefully. But people drive like crap. Get cut off. People don't know how to merge; why are they surprised the lane ends when the eight sign's before said that the lane was going to stop? Too much construction. Bottleneck. Poorly marked lanes. Too dark. Headlights too bright. A little rain and there could be major consequences. Crashed cars remind me too much of that night. Pass 117 without event. Get tense because that was the time and place of the first accident. Relax.

Pull into the city. Arrive. Pull around the corner. Pull out the stuff. The bed barely fits. How does this go? So much trash. Oh cool what's this? Wait, I don't remember that.

Drop off U-haul in West Seattle. Travel the viaduct. What a crazy cool thing. It's going underground now. The Battery Tunnel is like a haunted house; abandoned and eerie. Seattle. The city I live in now. A place. A destination. A home.

Toast to success! We're moved in. We we so excited. It's Friday. And we moved in. Crash at one. We have a place. What an odd thought. Still no chairs. We don't have any chairs. Or tables. Is this our only knife?

Wake up so happy. Because we have a place.