Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inner World Stage

And it was beautiful. The two were wed on-stage. And it took courage to stand in front of an audience of people you don't know—to say to the world, “I don't care if you approve, I am going to do it because I can and because I love this person.” And it was moving when they got married on-stage. And it was real.

But that was only one of the performances. On the Boards is a contemporary theater that takes the risks to give us great theater. They make performance accessible. They give performers a space to be safe and to try something radically new. And at 12 Minutes Max I get to see the blog version of their cutting edge philosophy.

Give Me Brilliance is a dance company that fuses mainstream modern music with ballet and modern. They are an all female group that takes dance and says, “we'll show you awesome.” Their performances were dispersed throughout and every bit that they did was a pleasure to watch. The all women's crew had their act together and they knew how to make it bold.

And the rest of the performers were good too. This being my second 12 Minutes Max, I was struck by how different the flavor was for this performance. The last one was all middle-aged high art hipsters. This one was the raw emotion of college performance, taking the old and the new and rubbing in a good bit of theory to show us something unique and emotional.

And I appreciate the theater more and more every time I go there. They consistently provide quality pieces of work that push the limits and present piquant surprises that send my brain off into a world that they create.

I think it's no surprise that in the last two nights my dreams have been wild shows of surrealist beauty. I dreamed I was Hunter S. Thompson traveling the country. I ran into vampires and found love and lost my camera. I dreamed of an alien invasion with weather. Enormous aliens in the guise of clouds, hovering over us; watching and experimenting by bringing in storms. When I wake up, I am happy. I live in the world I am creating.