Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Important to Teens

Leave it to a teenager to make you feel insignificant. I've dedicated so many blogs and tons of real life energy into getting established and moving in. My little sister Natalie asked me today, “have you moved in yet?”

It's funny how what one thinks is important can just get totally missed by the rest of the world. I think that is the way of the genius—or madman. Either way the two archetypes spend a lot of time on things that no one else finds important.

There are tons of homeless people in Seattle. It irks me that I have to walk by and hold up my hands, look at them and say, “sorry.” I say it so often and it is to every homeless person that I don't know if I mean it. I truly have no spare change to give. My wallet is empty. It doesn't make me feel less crappy. I see people in desperate need and I can't help. Walking around downtown everyday is a lesson in helplessness. A lesson in the things I can't do.

I try to stay informed. I believe in three things as key to a healthy life: arts, nature, and exercise. There are more, but I love having those things. Even just a brief walk to Olympic Sculpture Park to look out on the Puget Sound is a great daily dose of all three. It gets gloomy here, I am grateful for every second of sun.

But it's not as rainy as people say. Most of the rain gets caught in the Olympics—those are actually a rainforest. In Seattle, it's a patch of temperate micro-climate. Often it will rain lightly and get sunny by the end of the day. 77 days of sun is kind of a misnomer. There are plenty of partially sunny days to make it all worth it.

I miss my friends. I miss my family—even if they don't pay close attention to the big changes in my life. It's been nearly a year now. Just a couple of months left, and I will have written a blog everyday. I don't think I will stop. I have to decide if I'm going to change the format at all though. I fantasize about the future, but who knows what it really holds? I could drop dead anytime; so it goes.