Monday, October 10, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

So I was looking over my blog and a few things struck me. Not literally—I wonder what getting hit by my blog would feel like? A limp noodle? The biting wit of my excellent social commentary? Doubtful.

The big thing that I might have mentioned before but will make sure to mention again is that I added a new tab called “interwebs pages.” This thing has some links to blogs and stuff that I read. Go for it and take a look. Some of this stuff is excellent and I highly recommend you all take a look. It will be updated frequently as well so always check back.

The second bit is that my opinions have evolved around OWS. This isn't anything particularly new, as all opinions tend to evolve unless they are filled with the unsophisticated simplicity of the uninformed. What is interesting to me—what struck me if you will—is how writing and publishing as I have, has provided both a record for my opinions as well as an outlet through which they can form. Writing everyday has been so important to me, and I have found a deep therapy in its benefits.

I need a haircut, I'm turning into a little Asian girl; it is very odd to notice an old white guy checking you out on the bus and then seeing your face and getting a horrified look on his face. It's akin to when Quagmire (on Family Guy) was told the members of Hanson were all guys.

I guess that also means I need to work out too.

Moving is going to be tough. Ciera and I are bracing ourselves for a real hard go at this. I would love some tips and tricks from everyone who has any.

I re-watched Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas. It is a perfect movie as far as I am concerned; the gluttonous extension of the American Dream. The absurdist diary of a man looking to vindicate Willy Loman.

There are a lot of Star Wars fan films out there right now that are awesome. People are really making these things work on a shoestring budget. I'm very impressed. And also, why did George Lucas get the rights to such an awesome franchise. As far as I am concerned, he doesn't own it anymore because he ruined it all. It could have been so much better. And with the force, isn't it theoretically possible to bend or shoot the energy from a lightsaber at one's opponents?

That would be cool.