Saturday, October 8, 2011

Aspirations and Apartments

No Wall Street today. I'm just going to keep everyone updated on my life a bit instead. Suffice it to say that I have some exciting stuff in store on the subject of Occupy Wall Street.

So, Ciera and I have an apartment. We will now be living in Queen Anne on 1st Ave W. That means I am super close to the Space Needle and the Seattle Center. Way excited. I finally have a place to live. And I am making this work. I called Nan and Mama to tell them; gave them a heads-up that I was going to try to make my return to Portland.

I am so excited. But I realized that I don't actually have everything I need to live. I need a bed, bedsheets, a pot, a pan, dishes, flatware, cups, dish soap, a shower curtain, dresser/wardrobe, hangers, laundry detergent, food, oil, flour, sugar, food, and all sorts of other stuff. It is the tragedy of being mobile that parking is not so simple as signing a lease.

But that's ok. We are getting it done. And we are doing it. Ciera and I are living the lives we want to live. Some things I believe have made me happy.

Take risks—big ones, small ones. Lean on someone for support. Support people. Don't quit your aspirations; if your child self would be disappointed in you then you need to do more. Know where you are going. Be grateful and make sure to express it. Leave it better than you found it. Be generous with your time—sometimes it's all you can give, but it has value. Show up and keep trying. Relax and if it isn't ok, make it so.

It all sounds cliché, but I keep thinking how much those things have propelled me in this difficult year so far. I mean, difficult for a middle class male living in America. These things, cliché or no, keep me sane in my head. Ciera has been there struggling with me, and that has been a wonderful strength that keeps me moving. All the family and friends who have supported me in my move have my deepest gratitude; giving me a home and food and kindness and company means so much.

The year isn't over, but I feel like I'm passing through the storm a bit; perhaps I'm just in the eye. I guess that I want to give back some of this. I'm so happy to be ok right now.

Also, Auntie Marian is in the hospital, Ciera's mom is in town dropping off her car for us to use for a bit, my friends are doing fine but I miss them, Olivia seems to be enjoying PSU, I continue to edit Land Leave, and people are finally organizing a bit to champion the cause of the 99%.