Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apartment Pics

Four Pictures of our newly furnished apartment (still in progress but this is damn close to livable)

View of the kitchen from the living room. Note the roses Ben sent and the chairs grandma sent via Adam.

Our studio space from the hall. Thanks to my parents for sending the comforter. And on top of that is the 'life blanket' Ciera crocheted. The bed was donated by Ciera's grandpa via her aunts Lynn and Jolie.

View of the kitchen and our new Goodwill furniture from the corner where the closet is. Check out our gossip chair and our funky brown couch lounger thing!

View of the hallway from the studio. Check out the awesome Target shelves filled with Ciera's rubberducks, her dvds, and candlestick holders donated by Nate and George. Also note the Goodwill rug and the boxes that still make up the majority of our raised surfaces.