Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apartment Day 4

And I start settling in. But I'm not staying put. Gotta keep moving. I woke up for my first day of work from my new place. I can sleep in later and I walk to work. It's funny how a 2 mile walk is some sort of feat in this modern age. I feel so good walking in the morning. Sure there's the brisk moment where the air hits your body, your skin shrivels into goosebumps and a chill bite accompanies the first breath out. But then it's invigorating. I have heard that we can prevent most heart disease by simply walking thirty minutes every day. It is no skin off my back to watch the sun rise with the city. People and cars move slowly. Steam comes off almost every surface. And the light turns a yellow orange. Sunrise is wonderful.

I walked along the waterfront. Watched the ferries come in. Watched people bustle. The homeless asked for compassion, the business men walked past coldly. The morning has a chill that is more than the Seattle dew settling on its citizens. I strolled along the waterfront; wondering about chairs for the apartment. I wondered when I would have enough money to lie to a homeless man about what I had in my pockets. I walked by two homeless people with chairs and not much else. I felt a pang of jealousy for the men; they could sit in their space.

Ciera and I still don't have chairs. We keep smiling though. We are happy. Very happy and excited to be living in our apartment. The piers were warm and sunny, I looked at the tall buildings of downtown. Light poured through the space between the buildings, shooting rays of orange between the monoliths our society had erected. I felt happy. A walk to work, a short time out of a lifetime, could bring me back to center. By nine I was ready for work. I peeked in the windows of the many coffee shops, laughed to myself. Who needs coffee when you can wake up naturally?

Then I realized I was lying to myself. I always make a little coffee in the morning. I like the warmth and I'm sure my body enjoys the caffeine. More than anything, I like hanging out for a few minutes every morning with Ciera. I'm not sure if she appreciates me waking her up far before she has to but I like the time. I read somewhere that married couples talk to each other about 6 minutes per day. I don't want that to be me. That would be weird. I like talking to Ciera; she always has something to say.

We need friends. We saw the Potters and enjoyed a wonderful meal with them. Ciera's mom is in town; she has been helping us settle in. Ciera just got 40 hours per week at Village. She'll be really busy now. It will be good though.