Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seattle Center Rant

I am sitting under the Space Needle. I finished my work day, met Ciera at On the Boards. It is a contemporary theater that does anything awesome. Today they had a badminton tournament where many local art houses ranging from the Seattle Art Museum to Seattle Opera to Pottery Northwest competed in ridiculous outfits. The point is to foster a strong community of artists. That is worth so much. Ciera and I would never have found that in NYC, Boston, or LA. Especially LA. I'm just happy I made what I feel to be the right choice if that really exists.

I saw two hipsters walking their French Bulldogs. They stopped to talk to two other hipsters walking their two cats. Sometimes...

I am currently digitizing the old files at Triangle Associates. It is a lot of work. People seem to sympathize with the load and understand how slow the work is. I've gotten better, but in six hours I only made it through three and a half years. That's not much considering the archives go back to my birth year. I might be exaggerating—I hope I am. Because I'm only doing proposals. I still have products and educational materials and an eternity of information. It's going to be crazy.

Waves and spirals are interesting things. I bet that they explain a lot of the world or possibly hold innovative solutions to a great many problems. But a spiral is just a lateral circle. And an audience full of performers watching amateur actors on a stage is a curious thing. But not unheard of. That's the beauty of being in the audience. You can be anyone and everyone. A face in the crowd.

Metaphor is a great way to help one explain the things around them. But it should not be confused with the object of the metaphor. I think people have a propensity to do that.

Don't fly Delta air. They were really bad the last time I flew on their airline, and not even remotely apologetic.

Sometimes I walk down the street and see people who look lonely. Not because they have a specific expression or because they look sad. Usually they look happy and just as normal as anyone else. But something in the way they carry themselves—that's loneliness.

I felt old today. People my age have kids. What the hell do kids watch these days? Why do people ride around on Segways? Get a bike, or a unicycle. And stop outlawing skateboards and roller blades. It's a form of discrimination.

Whales used to swim into Lake Union. Only boats do now. All the beautiful places that people live—those places used to be nature. Untouched; in Seattle it was endless forest.

Sometimes I write well. Most times I just write. I think that is most of life. Just doing (Nike didn't pay me to say that). Because time is a one-way street, things have to move forward, and going against traffic is instantly fatal. So it's a matter of planning. But the highest virtue in our society is being present. There is a time for everything I suppose.

There was a time for trees. There was a time for homes. And sometime in the far future there will be a time for nothingness. And that time will go on forever unless we can change it somehow. We probably won't. But that doesn't matter to me, I'm just at the edge of a time of radical change, and 100 years from now people will be living completely differently. Or maybe just the same. They'll look back on this time and say, those people lived in much simpler times. And they couldn't see the world ahead of them, the infinite possibilities that they squandered because they were so self-centered. They won't say it like that. There will be historians who put it politely and laugh about it with a stiff drink in their hands. That will be a century from now.

And people will say that things have changed drastically.

Thirty minutes of walking a day for every American would reduce adult incidences of heart disease to a third of what it is currently. I walked over thirty minutes today. But I could have not. If I wanted I could take 300 steps getting ready in the morning and going to the car. Then I could have parked right by where I work and taken another 50. double that for the second half of the day and my total walking would have totaled under a quarter mile. By contrast, in thirty minutes I walked about 2.5 miles. Americans are lazy people, even though we have the highest productivity per capita. What do you think that means?