Saturday, September 24, 2011

is that weird?

There's something human in nature. Today I walked to the local park and sat in a space designated by the Issaquah Highlands Parks Department as a nature recreation area. They put it on a square plot of land and built homes around it. They said, “here is where the wild will stay wild. Trees will grow here. Squirrels will live here. People will walk through designated paths and enjoy nature here.” Is that weird?

There's something human in nature. I felt so energized by being there. On the walk over many cars passed me. None had their windows rolled down. The day was nice; perfect for having the windows rolled down. But none did. Is that weird?

A gunman with a rifle and a handgun walked down Front Street in Issaquah. He was headed to the High School. He fired his guns but didn't hit anyone. Police shot back and killed him. Nothing like that ever happens here. Is that weird?

I sat on a park bench. I saw a garter snake. A spider crawled over my stuff. An array of insects I had never seen before landed by me and flew away. I saw a dragonfly. I heard a bird I had never heard before. It took a long time for the life to come out and say hi. Most people just walk through the park with their dogs. The forest is empty if you keep your eyes on the path. Is that weird?

Fox News recently ran a report on military advancements at one point saying that these might lead to “a safer way to wage war.” War is risk. War is not something we do behind a control booth. What happens when all it costs is some expensive equipment. Why not just do it in a simulation? Why not just stop waging war? Is that weird?

The Adjustment Bureau is an amazing movie. Based off a Phillip K. Dick story. I didn't know that until the credits. It's not the thriller you think it is. It's much better. When I found out it was by Phillip K. Dick I looked at Ciera and said, “they just whipped out their Dick and mind-screwed me.” Vulgar but I was thoroughly satisfied with the art of the movie. Is that weird?

I was so at peace today. Just walking around. We get tired of our peace I think. All of us. Humans. There is something human in nature. It's the peace we left for the comfort of control. Because humans don't want to be mauled by a mountain lion, they want to shoot at each other with the guns they built to hunt mountain lions. Is that weird?