Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Got the Job!

The worst part is that I don't know what to do with myself. But that is far outstripped by the immense feeling of relief and excitement coursing through me. I got the internship at Triangle Associates. I get to see facilitation and public policy in action. I get to see the buzzwords—sustainability, environmental justice, collaboration, common pool resources—worked into a real world example. This is what I knew I wanted to do right out of college and I found someplace that does it. Way cool.

Anyways, you may be wondering, “but Nick you were just going off on a rant about internships?” No, I can't emphasize that enough. I am not against internships. I am against unpaid, unregulated internships that leave the promise of advancement wafting through the crack held open by the proverbial foot in the door. This is none of those things. The size of the firm—15 full-time employees—means I will have access to a variety of jobs and experiences that (unless I choose to blind myself to them) will certainly teach me the trade. It will also help me pursue my future goals. And it will be paid (never mind that I proposed a non-profit exemption).

The economic pay-off in the short term (wages) as well as in the long term (valuable experiences and connections) is assured. So I can be excited that Triangle is not only a sustainable consulting firm, but also a practicing employer of sustainable practices. In fact, Triangle's hiring could be seen as part of the example for improving internships.

But that wasn't the overall point. I was trying to say that I am excited to work for these guys and eager to get going in their world. I am ready to try my hand, in whatever capacity I can, at this work. And I am way relieved that I can pay rent (once we find an apartment of course). That loomed over my head like a cloudy Seattle day.

Also, Liam has joined Ciera and I in the hunt for housing. Liam is a very relaxed sort of guy. Ciera was in the BFA acting program at Emerson with him. And he is a real artist; thoughtful, intense, and engrossed in re-presenting the world to an audience. The three of us walked around a few areas trying to find 'for lease' signs. We came up empty, but the new day always provides more opportunities.