Friday, September 23, 2011

For Those...

I'm cynical these days. I guess a car crash does that. I try to be optimistic, but lately I can't help but worry about a couple things I see in Seattle. Vagrancy. Too much of it. Why don't we have a better way of helping the homeless? And why are there guys in suits on the street asking me for five bucks a day to help some child somewhere I have never heard of? Especially when I'm in a rush and then he resorts to begging. At least the homeless guy is only asking for a one-time payment of an amount of my choosing. And why isn't the guy who is asking me for 5 bucks a day helping the guy on the opposite corner?

We live in a blind and ignorant world. By the way, if I want to donate to a cause, I promise I will do it on my own time and not when some red-bearded over-enthusiastic midget comes barreling up to me to talk about all the children he loves. I don't think that's an effective use of my money.

And also, I'm kind of broke right now. I am just happy to have a roof over my head and food in my pantry. I don't even have my own place yet. I have college loans due soon. I don't know how I am going to pay for all that. It's just daunting. And I'm supposed to give up 5 dollars a day? I spend that just going to and from work. I wish I could afford a charity now. But I am feeling increasingly closer to a charity case myself. Tip for those who stand on corners soliciting people, just because I am an affable clean-cut recently graduated person does not mean I can afford to help you. Look for the dickish dude on his cell-phone with a venti cup of coffee in his other hand yelling about his prime investments. I think that guy can spare some change.

Also, I don't like this new trend of advertising that starts with “for those who...” Why the hell is a billboard dedicating something to a specific audience. It's like the most heartless, corporatized shout-out to someone you can imagine. “For all those who 'insert clever line that makes someone go that's totally me', this is for you. 'Insert faceless corporation that doesn't give a crap.'” I think I can make my own decisions about whether my banking hours are sufficient or my tortillas need to be microwaved. But thanks for the dedication, I totally felt like you cared.

Generally when I do shout-outs like that (or more aptly when I've heard them), it's a rebel yell. Something made to say, “screw the system because the system is screwing you.” And generally a bunch of Seattle Indie Punk Rock fans will scream back and demand the head of the slime ball with the venti cup of coffee that doesn't give change to the homeless man on the corner with a sign that says, “need money for weed.” That's what a dedication is. So this is for all those who don't believe in that crap and can make their own decisions and are tired of getting heckled on the streets.