Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Wedding

What is a wedding? I think it isn't the romance that we imagine it to be, but it isn't a disaster waiting to happen either. I think a wedding is like any celebration that takes a lot of planning, full of high expectations and weighed down by the reality of what it is, a well-planned but imperfect moment.

That isn't bad by any means, it's just not the 'day' it is chalked up to be. And Crystal and Micah's wedding was awesome. Not perfect of course, but awesome. I did tear up watching Crystal and Micah dance for the first time (I'm a wuss I know), and it certainly was picturesque. I talked to people with enthusiasm, I gorged on food and drink, and I looked snazzy.

A wedding is the joining of two people into a contract; it is a business affair as well as a familial and cordial one. It is the moment before Crystal walked down the aisle and the music didn't play on cue. It is the sermon from Braxton that went on too long and was thankfully cut short by a dead microphone. It is the frantic search after the ceremony for the actual marriage license documents. It is me running around the wedding trying to make sure everyone had enough champagne for the toasts. It is the never-ending chain of toasts at the reception. It is the in-depth biography given by Crystal's aunt that was supposed to be a toast.

It is an open bar. It is little kids running around having fun, oblivious to the events around them. It is my cousin Ricky trying to be adult but still walking around with his pants around his knees. It is the bridesmaid on crutches. It is Margaritaville performed by Micah, his father, and other family members as the band. Micah has a great voice by the way. It is 'You Can Call Me Al' by Paul Simon and sung by Micah the night before at karaoke. It is David pounding down some drinks and barely being able to stand. It is decorating Micah and Crystal's car with balloons and streamers when they aren't looking.

It is overcommitment. It is the aspiration to do feel beautiful and young everyday. It is a moment of beauty despite the hangover the next morning.