Friday, August 5, 2011

Seattle TA

So yesterday was my interview with Triangle Associates. It's funny how I want to write so badly about the topic, because it seems so pertinent to my life, yet I am struck by the silence surrounding it.

How about this: I was nervous, had the interview and talked to two wonderful people about a profession I would love to get into. It lasted one hour, After, I joined Ciera in Seattle.

Life isn't about the moments of anticipation. I left that building and so much was suddenly out of my control and purview. I exited onto 1st avenue and was greeted warmly by the sun and humidity. Seattle bursts to life on a beautiful day. Ciera basically skipped to see me, we sat by a fountain and thought up a plan. The day was so warm and my clothes seemed so restricted.

It was free day at SAM. The Seattle Art Museum is great. Their exhibitions are well done and the spaces are wonderful. But I couldn't help but ask, where is the rest of the museum. Perhaps Ciera and I missed something going through it all. There was a lot of art, but after being so accustomed to the MFA in Boston, I couldn't help but crave the labyrinthine corridors filled with art.

I want to put my art up in a gallery someday. I want people to muse over my Rothko-esque canvas. I want people to pretend to get my video art. I want to put up enormous rubber ducks as an installation display. I want an exhibition on my white guilt and how my people have massacred a land once rich and fertile. I want thousands of glass pieces to fill a walkway under which thousands of people come to watch. And I want a good pat on the back for it all as well.

Ciera and I toured Pike's Place. It is odd how such a touristy area seems to draw me in every time. It is a place filled with hustle and bustle that excites me regardless of how 'native' I want to make myself seem. I suppose it is like The Eiffel Tower.

I want to live in Seattle. I want to have a place to call home. I want to pay my bills. People pay their bills.