Thursday, August 25, 2011

Land Leave 15

Obama has been touring the nation showing off his big, long, black...bus.

Land Leave

“So you can do it?” Dr. Kelvin wanted to be sure.

“Yes. It must be exact.” After fifteen minutes of arduous phrasing, the cube had finally answered the question. “I will project a 'stabilizing field' and assist in the passage of all ships through the field.”

“and the second part?” Dr. Kelvin asked.

“That is clear also.” The cube was now intimate with the details of the plan.

All of the officers were in the strategy room looking over the final plans. The energy in the room had risen in the past two hours. There was now a fighting chance for the AmU fleet. “This won't be easy but this does give us something, I want everyone ready to embark within the hour. Sorensen I'm counting on you to coordinate this ship, I'm going to oversee the preparation of the rest of the fleet.” The captain dismissed everyone and they hurried to make final preparations.

“You two are sure you are ok with this?” Dr. Kelvin handed Bill his helmet.

“Yeah, remember. We are your classified team. We aren't qualified except for circumstance and we are just stupid enough to think that's worth something,” James yelled from his fighter.

“Besides, I kind of like the mystical cube,” Bill's statement was muffled as he put on his helmet.

The two signaled readiness, and fired up the engines. Their ships pulled out and shot down the launch tubes. Dr. Kelvin gave a quick wave and walked to the elevator.

Bill and James flew in tandem with 6 other fighters. The cube left the aft bay, and sent a comm. “I am moving.” James snickered, the cube still spoke with a funny simplicity. The ships proceeded in formation with the cube. James looked behind him. He saw the fleet arrange itself tightly. They arrived at the event horizon of the black hole. All of the ships in the remnant AmU fleet were about to punch through time and space together. If the cube succeeded then they would have a fighting chance. If not, then they would all be dispersed as fragments of matter. It was a sickening prospect, but the cube maintained it could be done successfully.

“Bill, you ready?” James spoke anxiously.

“Yeah,” Bill said.

The cube activated the field, and the AmU fleet threaded through the black hole.