Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sun Here it Comes

I will be headed off to the beach house for the next few days so my blog will not be updated very regularly. I will do my best but the lack of an internet connection makes posting difficult.

Anyway, Crystal's wedding is coming up. She will be married under a cloudy sky, if the weather previous is any indication of the future. But it never really is. As Sondre Lerche says, “be prepared to be surprised.”

Mama drugged me today. Let me explain. Normally she makes a big pot of decaf and I drink a few cups knowing that it will not crack me out. After drinking three or four cups of coffee today I noticed that she had made regular coffee. So there is a ton of caffeine in my blood, far more than a pansy decaf kid would ever be used to.

It has been nearly 2 months since I graduated. It is the middle of summer. It rained so hard last night that it woke me up at 5 am. I have barely worn shorts at all this year; probably cumulatively no more than 7 days this year. What perpetual dour life do I lead? But I try to make the most of the nice days.

And I believe I have, there are eleven rolls of film that Ciera and I have to get developed. At 24 exposures each, that's a doozy. I seem to have misplaced my digital camera. I hope not to use the 'L' word (Lost not The 'L' Word) and give up on recovering over 300 photos that need to be posted. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

The new Coldplay song is very mediocre. “And all the children dance.” C'mon what weak lyrics are these? Sometimes I worry Coldplay is going the direction of U2, where their songs start eliciting a false emotional reaction. No band should ever take itself too seriously. Down that path is failure and Bono-ism; the death of people caring because you have shoved your head up your ass and started whistling.

Anyway, it is essential to get some sunlight. Not going out has been correlated with nearsightedness and depression. So if it is sunny and warm/hot out please go outside; it's healthy.