Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speaker Parts

“Where's the cover for this?” my dad would ask in exasperated confusion, “Where're the batteries for the remote?”

I used to keep some of my dad's screwdrivers in my room just so that if I needed to take something apart I could. All the remote controlled cars that I got, instead of driving them around, I would find where they were screwed in and promptly disassemble them. I had boxes full of r/c parts, trucks and cars, in pieces. And I always had a screwdriver hidden; even when my dad retrieved I would keep one around somehow.

I can't imagine being my father, trying to wrangle his tools together. It must have been hell to try to watch tv and find that everything was in disarray; the batteries missing and the cover a loosely fitting part. I see him sitting down with his glass of wine, ready to watch just a little tv before going to bed and after putting us to sleep—a long ordeal that often took hours—and finding that the remote was completely broken. My body feels heavy after a tough day and I try to pull my body from the comfortable couch. It must have sucked to have done that after putting me and my sisters to bed.

Anyway, it all paid off. At least for me. My dad wanted to install speakers on the porch of the beach house, when he plugged in the speakers he found that one wasn't working. His distress grew as he found that hitting it wasn't going to fix it. Actually I hit it. But then we disassembled it. Completely took it apart. And I fixed it. Never mind the scary details, they're too complex for your puny mind, I fixed the speakers. And they are sounding good. They are outdoor speakers on the porch and they add ambiance and life to the deck.

Today we used them for the first time. The sound of good music, something so integral to my experience here at the beach house, follows me wherever I go. Back to the barbecue, out to the picnic table, and on the front stoop. It took me 22 years to make my curiosity pay off.