Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Circles and Tides

There is something eternal here. The beach house drives the mind into circles; peaceful circles. The sun rises, the sun sets. The waves come in gently; the waves come in harshly. Clouds roll in, clouds roll out. Boats leave the bay and re-enter it.

I always eat enough here, although I can never remember anything about the meal except that it was good. There is something eternal here.

I think in circles. I almost re-wrote the last blog. It is easy to drive oneself into a stupor watching the waves tug gently at the rocks. I fished for a time here. I sat on the warm beach and watched an eagle for a time here.

Everything happens for a time; indistinct and natural. I walked up the stairs today a few times. The red easy-riser steps reminded me of every time I had passed up those stairs. They creaked predictably and my feet clunked up them with a sameness that even puberty did not seem to erase.

At low tide people dug for clams. At high tide a few swam and others wake-boarded. I'm not sure how long I have been here. It is forever.

We all deserve our place to be recharged. I know I have found mine but I lament that others have not. What peace can be found in a place where time is everything? I swear that time disappears here, it melts away into the sea. But of course I will have to leave. The circularity here is only hopeful and the real world awaits.

It is easy to get lost here. Going into Gig Harbor feels like the hustle and bustle of a big city. It feels unnecessary. The mind is crushed momentarily as the walls of a society with problems, fears, and obnoxious drivers appear out of nowhere. It is an abrupt moment, to drop back into a place where things like jobs and money matter. It does not surprise me that people are driven to become beach bums. The real world is almost absurd by comparison. It also seems to explain the consumption of alcohol amongst that crowd. How can one live in the real world without a drink to make things just as romantically blurry as the beach house?

The sun starts red, breaks orange, turns yellow, disappears behind a cloud, transitions to orange, deepens to red, and ushers in the night. The sun sets forever. But then it rises again, and you aren't quite sure when you went to sleep but you know that it was peaceful because the only dream you had was of the waves against the shore—crashing eternally.