Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beach House Again

I am back at the beach house. It feels like I return to the place without time and there is no such thing as tragedy in the world. Every concern that exists in this world melts because only the moment here matters.

We entered another dimension. This place does not even have an address. This place does not have access to the outside world. The modern world is so foreign here. It is almost non-existent. The main form of entertainment is sitting around a coffee table playing cards or reading a book. When those exhaust us we talk and laugh with each other, perhaps staring at the fire in the fireplace. There is no tv, there is no dishwasher, and up until a few years ago there wasn't a clothes washer.

Have I written this before? It all feels like I have. I return here like I did before—endlessly before. And I will be back.

But more than anything I want my friends to come visit. I want to sit on the porch with them and show them the beauty of the water. At sunset the sky lights up red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. The entire spectrum, in the sky and reflected on the water. A seal emerges from the rainbow water and gentle ripples spread out in from his inquisitive face.

Words have no meaning. I want to be rich for two reasons: I don't ever want to worry about paying bills, and I don't ever want my friends to worry about theirs. I want them here.

But my family is here. By their request, I will describe them according to how they have ordered me.

Olivia: My sister who says she's being honest about our relatives but thinks that I think she's just a lazy bitch. She's not talking to me, she just told me.
Natalie: My youngest sister, but she says, “No! No! No! I don't care what you say just make it more interesting than 'my youngest sister.'”
Rene: Olivia's boyfriend has pretty eyes. The prettiest Mexican in the world—he's Salvadoran.
Dad: The guy just looking for a brewery—a brew pub.

So that's the big happy family for now. I understand that the whole place is going to get crowded with lots of family visiting.